Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fantasy & Science Fiction Writing Resources

Dear Readers,

Below are some writing resources that can help in fantasy and sifi writing. Check them out.

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Instructor of the Month: Phil Athans
Learn how to write science fiction and fantasy stories from seasoned author and instructor Phil Athans! Phil Athans is the bestselling author of over a dozen fantasy and horror books as well as a veteran editor. In this specialized bundle, you'll find books, webinars and tutorials to help you master writing fantasy and science fiction. From character development to worldbuilding, you'll find everything you need to write a story that keeps your audience turning the pages.
It's no easy task to write fantasy and science fiction that's strange enough to grab your reader's attention and believable enough to keep. Master this popular genre while saving 82% with this bundle. From making the best first impression to keeping your details plausible to the very end, this bundle covers all the tips and tricks you'll need to sell your science fiction and fantasy to the world!
Master Sci-Fi and Fantasy with This Specialized Bundle!
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Writing and Selling Sci-Fi and Fantasy
ONDEMAND WEBINARIn this presentation, Phil Athans talks about how to write science fiction by focusing on the core of your narrative. Then he shows how to use that core concept to help you sell the finished work with a simply-stated but intriguing one-page synopsis. With more than a quarter of a century in the publishing business, Phil Athans knows how to write a sci-fi or fantasy novel that sells.
Worldbuilding for Fantasy and Science Fiction: How to Create Unique and Immersive New Settings for Your Novels and Short Stories
ONDEMAND WEBINARThe New York Times bestselling author and veteran editor Philip Athans provides detailed techniques for creating worlds for fantasy and science fiction stories, novels, screenplays, and games. In this OnDemand webinar, you'll find hands-on advice on where and how to start creating a fantasy or science fiction world.
The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction
PAPERBACKThe New York Times bestselling author Philip Athans will show you how to create worlds that draw your readers in--and keep them reading. This is the only book you need to create strange, wonderful worlds for your own universe of readers.
Writing Monsters
PAPERBACKIf you are interested in writing fantasy, horror or sci-fi, you need to know that monsters shouldn't just appear in your story for no reason. Join Philip Athans on a journey to learn to create compelling, plausible creatures to inhabit and haunt your novels.
Your Novel's First Pages: Learn How Make an Excellent Initial Impression
DIGITAL DOWNLOADYou only get one chance to make a first impression. If your novel doesn't start strong, busy editors will have to move on to the next submission-and so will your wider audience. Writers of any genre will benefit from this insightful tutorial. You'll gain a deep understanding of what must (and must not!) happen in your first ten pages.
Why Here? Creating a Sense of Space
DIGITAL DOWNLOADBegin with the question: Why here? How much description is too much, and how much is not enough? We'll dive into description and setting in ways you may not have considered before.
Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction
PAPERBACKWhen creating their own fantastic realms, most writers will turn to this guide for simple yet detailed explanations of complex topics. Not only are the basic elements of fantasy and science fiction explained by the experts and bestselling authors, you will also learn how to shape these components into realistic storylines using professional advice on story construction, world creation, and writing fundamentals found throughout the guide.
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