Thursday, November 19, 2015

Resources From Screenwriter's Goldmine

Following is an email from Screenwriters Goldmine.

I want to Share it with you.


If you haven't already entered, you might want to know that the contest moves to its Late Entries phase at 1.00pm today, when the price will go up.

There are now just three weeks to go before we close the doors for 2015, so don't miss out. You still have 21 writing days left, so, if you haven't entered yet, now is the time to really get down to finishing what you're writing. 

Send us your scripts, we want to read them!

Why be a screenwriter?

Last Friday was Robert McKee day in London. Ten hours of lectures, with Mr McKee being his usual, provocative, fiery, ornery, and deeply challenging self.

And I say that in the best possible sense.

I'll report on all that in a later newsletter (there is a lot to process!) but one startling thing is how inspiring the day was: I came out completely charged up with the possibilities.

The passion with which Mr McKee speaks about the craft was immense, and it reminded me why we do this game.

So I've written up up a pretty personal blog post to go over some of the benefits - and unexpected pitfalls - of what it's like being a professional screenwriter. 

You can read that here.

Write to me 

I started this site in 2007 to be a platform for genuine screenwriting and industry information.

Eight years later, there are now so many screenwriting blogs and videos and interviews and podcasts and tip sheets and software tools out there that I wonder whether you may feel you have all the information you need.

And yet. I can't help thinking that there will be gaps. I still see misinformation being broadcast. I've always made sure that people who get platforms on this site are experienced, with multiple relevant professional credits. The goal has always been to cut through that misinformation.

So tell me. What kind of help with your writing, or your writing career, are you still missing? I want this site to serve you better in the New Year, but I don't want to double up on stuff you already know.

Is it more articles? If so on what? Or is it more interactive help in some way? Is it business advice? Is it getting your scripts read by actors? Writing retreats? Short film contests? Script feedback? Or something completely new and radical?

When you get chance hit reply to this email and let me know what you need to get to where you want to be. 

Free courses

Creative Skillset are the industry skills body for the Creative Industries, and well worth a look. They wrote to me this week with news that they have just launched a range of brand new and FREE online courses designed specifically for the Creative Industries.

There are some great choices but (probably because I am in social-media/getting-the-word-out mode at the moment) one stood out in particular:

"Brand Storytelling: How to Use Narrative to Sell" is aimed at people in advertising, design and marketing.

It was developed by design and advertising non-profit D&AD with Creative Skillset and it explores the power of storytelling in creating brand success.

They tell me the course will especially help develop skills in creating narratives, communicating a brand by telling stories, engaging an audience and generally amplifying a message through digital media.

The course contains insight and practical advice from high profile talents (including Sir Alan Parker, Peter Souter and Al MacCuish) on how to create compelling stories that sell products, brands and values. Students get the chance to work on a live brief with a cash prize, with industry mentoring available for the winning project.


Speaking of digital media, we're just getting going on social media at the moment. It's early days, but come and join in:

Twitter: @screengoldmine
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Pinterest: @screenwritinggm

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