Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Click Here to Learn How to Sell Your Script to Hollywood Insiders!

Dear readers,

I know trying to sell a script to Hollywood is hard. I suggest purchasing the 2017 edition of the

Hollywood Screenwriting Directory. 

It can be fond on the Writers Store at : https://www.writersstore.com/hollywood-screenwriting-directory
With over 4,000 listings for Industry insiders such as studios, production companies, and independent financiers, this targeted reference book features:
  • Verified contact information, including phone numbers, and street and email addresses
  • Crucial details like whether they accept unsolicited material and how they prefer to receive submissions
  • A guide to proper script format and advice on packaging your submission
  • Step-by-step instructions for writing professional query letters, treatments, and log lines
  • The Legal 411 for Screenwriters: a comprehensive guide on the business of screenwriting -- script to screen from Entertainment Attorney Dinah Perez
Plus, you’ll find samples throughout, illustrated with tips and pointers to help you create a quality submission. With the Hollywood Screenwriting Directory by your side, you’ll have a reliable resource that significantly ups your chances of script-selling success!
To support this blog, please click the ads featured. The money earned from the ad clicks support this blog. Thank you and happy writing!


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