Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Learn to Write: Pixar's Emotional Core Character Development Intensive July 20-July 27 Sign Up Now!

Dear Readers,

I know we all lover Pixar movies. They have a knack for grabbing our emotions and making us cry. Think TOY STORY 3, UP, and MONSTERS INC.

So why not join the below Pixar class showing how to form your script into a Pixar level script. it would be a good thing to to. You'll learn much of what I tell writers in the critiques I give. I'm not giving the courses. This was in a email to me this morning, and I wanted to share it with you.

Learn to write characters the way Pixar does
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Screenwriting University
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Craft the Perfect Story, Pixar-Style
In this week-long intensive, you'll explore the way Pixar has harnessed the essential ingredients of quality storytelling and great character development. You will then apply those ingredients to find the emotional core of your story, your characters, and your plot's engine. This course also includes invaluable feedback on your writing from Karl Iglesias.
What You'll Learn
• How to find the emotional core of your story, as well as the plot's engine
• The key to keeping the reader hooked until the end of your story
• The four elements that create a strong emotional connection with your characters
• How to make sure the stakes in your story are truly emotional
Who should attend
• Writers who want to maximize the reader's emotional response to their stories
• Writers who want to go beyond the basics of the craft
• Writers who want to learn how Pixar creates masterful stories
• "I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed and learned from this class. Thank you!" -RF
• "Awesome course. I'm a big fan of Pixar movies but I never realized how they did it. Now I feel empowered!" -CH

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