Monday, July 10, 2017

Tips For Re-Writing Your Novel

This is my last post for today. chick out the info.

Sometimes the best way to write is to re-write! Learn how...
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Guide to Literary Agents 2017
10 Tips for (Re)Writing a Novel
Last spring, my friend e-mailed to ask my secret to writing a novel. Flattered, I smiled as I read her questions and promptly responded, promising that I would divulge my "wisdom" in a blog post, per her request. While washing dishes, folding laundry, or making supper, I considered how to approach the topic: Oh, the range of possibilities was endless! Read More...

Perfect Your Novel
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Literary agents expect a polished manuscript when they read sample pages and chapters. With the Writer's Digest Advanced Novel Writing course, writers don't have to tackle the process alone! This course is not for beginners. Rather, it's for writers who are ready to make the final ascent to publication! Read More...

How to Talk to an Agent with Carly Watters
Robert Lee Brewer and Brian A. Klems share tips and funny encounters with literary agents (1:00), important advice for entering writing contests (11:30), and discuss how to approach an agent (and more) with literary agent Carly Watters (14:00). Listen Now...

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