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Here are more article to read. My favorite is the one on keeping your writing simple.

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May 26, 2015  |  The Writers Store | Screenwriting Software | Screenwriting Webinars

Letter from the Editor
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Online Editor

Catch up on this past week's posts on where we talked about screenwriters writing novels, rejection, success, and maintaining hope in achieving your dreams! Check out our full list of contributors and follow them on Twitter too.

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BREAKING & ENTERING: Keep It Simple Storytelling
The key to becoming a sought-after screenwriter? Great storytelling. Barri Evins explains how a screenplay is a simple story complexly told. The richness is in the execution.
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BEHIND THE LINES WITH DR: The Sweet Stench of Career Success
In Hollywood, an Oscar guarantees career success. Or not. But it certainly changes the dynamics of meetings that happen the day after the famous awards.
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JEANNE'S SCREENWRITING TIPS: Screenplay Feedback - Get Real with Your Rewrites
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman encourages writers to examine their old screenplay feedback, even if it's years old, to see if their writing is really the problem... or something else.
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Essentials of Having an Active Protagonist + Exclusive FREE Download
Begin on this page by exploring the definition and essentials of having a strong protagonist, followed by a few examples. Then be sure you get your FREE download of 4 Crucial Questions for Your Protagonist to learn how to create an active protagonist to drive your story!
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ScriptMag Archives: BALLS OF STEEL: Screenwriting Career - Hope vs. Faith
ScriptMag looks back at older articles that still pack value for today's screenwriter. Life is short, and it's full of disappointment, challenges, fear, anxiety, and possibilities, as well as hope and faith. We can't control everything that happens, but we can keep our faith strong.
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Understanding the expectations and needs that an executive, director, or producer will have of your script can be daunting for an unknown screenwriter. In this tutorial you will learn how to strengthen all of the elements that matter most. You will gain valuable insight that will allow you to take your script from the page to the silver screen without sacrificing your own vision or creativity.  
WRITERS' ROOM 101: The Post-Upfronts Blues
TV writer Eric Haywood (EMPIRE, PRIVATE PRACTICE) shares an important tip for writers who didn't get staffed during the upfronts.
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WHY SPEC SCRIPTS FAIL: Adapt-A-Phobia - Part 3
At Various times in our lives we all suffer from some sort of Adapt-A-Phobia. Today, information flies at us so fast we are overwhelmed with the data, Part 3.
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Learn How to Double Your Odds of Success with our FREE Download: Script to Novel Writing Tips!
Why only get part of the benefit of your script? Don't just stop there, adapt it to a novel for even more reach with these script to novel writing tips!
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IMPROVISING SCREENPLAYS: The Dogme 95 Limitations Exercise
Writer and improviser Brett Wean provides an exercise based around the Dogme 95 movement of limitations to help screenwriters improve their scripts.
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Do you have the next TV Pilot that management and production company Anonymous Content wants? Enter The Industry Insider Television Writing Contest today!
The Industry Insider Television Writing Contest is a one-of-a-kind competition that offers every entrant the unique chance to learn about the Industry, while also creating and writing a television pilot script. The lucky winner of the Industry Insider Television Writing Contest receives unparalleled Industry experience, a meeting with Anonymous Content (True Detective, The Knick) and other Industry Insiders and much more.
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Take your screenwriting craft to the next level!
Why Screenwriters Are Writing Novels
See why Jim Vines, a working screenwriter, explored the freedom of writing novels and why you might want to as well.
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WRITE, DIRECT, REPEAT: Chris Sparling on How Directing Made Him a Better Screenwriter
Kim Garland interviews writer/director Chris Sparling on his journey to getting his breakout film - BURIED - made and his thriving career today. His latest film recently played at Cannes Film Festival.
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BUSINESS OF SCREENWRITING: Screenwriters - The Luckiest People Imaginable
Former agent, Michele Wallerstein, gives advice on improving your odds of success as a screenwriter. Having the passion to succeed is the first step.
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