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Today is Friday. This is the third hot day this week . It was 105 Wednesday and 105 Thursday. Today it's 95.

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Letter from the Editor
imageplaceholderJeanne Veillette Bowerman
Online Editor

Our family of contributors dives into tips on Act One, taking meetings, setting up a production and more! Check out our full list of contributors and follow them on Twitter too.

It's screenwriting contest season and getting feedback on your scripts is critical. Never, ever submit something unless you're sure it's your best work! If you don't have a circle of trusted writers to swap scripts with, consider usingScriptXpert. The Writers' Store Story Specialists are one of the best kept secrets for writers who want to elevate their work! Even studios use them for coverage. What are you waiting for?

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IMPROVISING SCREENPLAYS: The Five Key Elements of Act One
Writer and theatrical improviser Brett Wean reveals the five key elements to consider when writing Act One of a screenplay.
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“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” may hold true on the playground, but in screenwriting, words can hurt you or help you.
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BEHIND THE LINES WITH DR: Writer Reviews - Growing a Thick Skin
Doug Richardson shares how his film school experience toughened his skin and prepared him for the harsh world of writer reviews.
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Essentials of Having an Active Protagonist + Exclusive FREE Download
Begin on this page by exploring the definition and essentials of having a strong protagonist, followed by a few examples. Then be sure you get your FREE download of 4 Crucial Questions for Your Protagonist to learn how to create an active protagonist to drive your story!
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ScriptMag Archives: WRITERS ON WRITING - Writing Team of the 'The Best and the Brightest'
ScriptMag looks back at older articles that still pack value for today's screenwriter. This week, let's revisit bi-coastal writing team Josh Shelov and Michael Jaeger who turned their preschool pressures into a grown-up farce starring Amy Sedaris and Neil Patrick Harris. Here, the duo discuss how they constructed The Best and the Brightest.
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Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.08.57 AM
Breaking Into Hollywood A.S.A.P.!
Breaking into Hollywood requires a specific plan if you want to really make it. Without the right insider know-how it can be impossible for writers and producers to attain the desired results. Having represented a variety of experienced and new writers and directors Sammy can give you the insight and knowledge you need to know and help you to formulate a near fail-proof plan to get you where you want to be.

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Screenwriters University:
Classes are through an online platform that you can access anytime. There are weekly assignments to keep up with, but for the most part, you can follow at your own pace.
Visit the Screenwriters University site for all the classes available this month!

Storytelling: How to Write Stories That Will Grab and Hold Your Audience
Got a story, screenplay or novel that just isn’t working? A project you love, but just can’t seem to nail? Maddening! Emmy and Edgar nominated Tom Sawyer will teach you – one-on-one – his theory-free approach that has made him an incredibly successful screen/TV writer and bestselling novelist!
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Screenwriting Webinars
This webinar includes both access to the live webinar where you may interact with the presenter and the recorded, on-demand edition for your video library. You do not have to attend the live event to get a recording of the presentation.

This is not a drill. Every single time the screenwriter takes that meet and greet general meeting, it’s a JOB INTERVIEW.
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SHORT CIRCUIT: Production - Setting It All Up
Dan Goforth asks entertainment attorney Stacey Davis to tell filmmakers the things they need to know to get their film off the page and into production.
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Learn How to Double Your Odds of Success with our FREE Download: Script to Novel Writing Tips!
Why only get part of the benefit of your script? Don't just stop there, adapt it to a novel for even more reach with these script to novel writing tips!
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WHY SPEC SCRIPTS FAIL: Adapt-A-Phobia Part 2
At Various times in our lives we all suffer from some sort of Adapt-A-Phobia. Today, information flies at us so fast we are overwhelmed with the data.
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SELLING YOUR SCREENPLAY PODCAST: Screenwriter and Actor Tim Ogletree On His New Zombie Comedy 'The Walking Deceased'
Ashley Scott Meyers talks with actor and writer Tim Ogletree. Tim recently wrote and starred in the zombie comedy 'The Walking Deceased.'
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ScriptXpert Launch
Don't Submit Your Material Before it's Ready!
Reenactments in Documentary Films: Is There an Authentic Truth in Documentary?
Documentaries are often labelled subjective or objective, but arguably a purely objective documentary does not exist. Susan Kouguell explains why.
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Screenwriting Website of the Week: Jon Brooks' Comfort Pit
Script announces Comfort Pit as a screenwriting website worth checking out. Jon Brooks shares insights into nutrition, mental health and creativity. Let's face it, in order to create, we need to also fuel or mind and body.
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WRAP IT UP: A Screenwriter's Journey Into Filmmaking
Screenwriter Jack Marchetti shares his filmmaking journey as his short film premieres at Tribeca Film Festival. How is filmmaking different than screenwriting?
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WRITERS ON THE VERGE: Don't Blame Pitching Fumble On The Flip-Flops
Screenwriting Career Coach Lee Jessup discusses how to put your best foot forward when you're pitching executives.
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