Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A world-building script is defined as a screenplay where the writer introduces a new
world that has different customs and rules that must be explained. World-building scripts
 are most often associated with science fiction and fantasy genres because the settings,
 environments and elements of how the world works and functions, are so completely
 different from what we experience in our everyday lives. Arguably, every script is a
world-building script because the reader is entering the screenwriter's imagination
 and must learn the rules of your characters' realm. Writing a successful screenplay
 requires a complete understanding of the reality of the fictional world you are creating.
 Readers need to suspend disbelief and jump into your screenplay with full understanding
 and awesome wonder.

This course will offer specific tips for creating and implementing advice on building the
 world of your screenplay. Research advice and tips, strengthening visual storytelling
 in action paragraphs, developing and implementing settings, examining character
 and plot conflict as it relates to your settings, and genre consistency, will also be
 covered in this class. Original and unique worlds will set your script apart from the
other screenplays, vying for attention from film executives; this course will also
 discuss understanding film industry folks' expectations without compromising
your vision and creativity.


 Susan Kouguell

Susan Kouguell, award-winning screenwriter and
 filmmaker, is the author of Savvy Characters Sell
Screenplays! A comprehensive guide to crafting
winning characters with film analyses and
 screenwriting exercises and The Savvy
 Screenwriter: How to Sell Your Screenplay
 (and Yourself) Without Selling Out! She is a
regular contributor to IndieWire/SydneysBuzz,
 Script Magazine, The Script Lab, Screenwriters
 Utopia, NewEnglandFilm.com, and wrote a chapter
in NOW WRITE! Screenwriting: Exercises by Today's
Best Screenwriters, Teachers and Consultants.
 Kouguell teaches screenwriting and film at SUNY
 Purchase, and presents international seminars.

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